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            This site is made by Amanda Weaver, Children's Services Librarian, at Person County Public Library.  Teens from Roxboro and surrounding cities are welcome to join the blog-a-story program by posting the next installment to the story. This program begins officially on September 21, it is a month long program and the story will be discussed on Wednesday Oct. 19 @ 3 PM in the Library Gallery.  We will recap the story and how it has turned. The teen who makes the most and strongest contributions will be awarded a prize. Therefore be sure to put your name with every post that you make. So I will be able to differientiate the many authors. Feel free to post images with your post and change your font and size for emphasis. Be sure to enjoy the story and make it as crazy and imaginative as you can. 
*WARNING: Also any posts that detract from the spirit of imagination or are prejudice to fellow writers will be deleted by Miss Amanda the owner.*